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Please note: All televised live sports coverage is subject to change without notice.
The following televised sporting events are taking place this week
and, subject to some restrictions we will endeavour to show them in one outlet or another.   


Monday 2nd December

English Championship
Preston N.E v West Bromwich Albion at 23:45


Tuesday 3rd December

English Premier League
Crystal Palace v Bournemouth at 23:30
Burnley v Manchester City at 00:15

Wednesday 4th December

English Premier League
Leicester City v Watford at 23:30
Chelsea v Aston Villa at 23:30
Manchester United v Tottenham at 23:30
Liverpool v Everton at 00:15


Thursday 5th December

English Premier League
Sheffield United v Newcastle United at 23:30
Arsenal v Brighton H.A at 00:15

PGA European Tour “Afr Asia Bank Mauritius Open”

Friday 6th December

PGA European Tour “Afr Asia Bank Mauritius Open”

English Championship
Millwall v Nottingham Forest at 23:45

Italian Serie A
Inter Milan v Roma at 23:45


Saturday 7th December

English Premier League
Everton v Chelsea at 16:30
Bournemouth v Liverpool at 19:00
Tottenham v Burnley at 19:00
Manchester City v Manchester United at 21:30

Spanish La Liga
Real Madrid v Espanyol at 16:00

Italian Serie A
Lazio v Juventus at 23:45

Sunday 8th December

PGA European Tour “Afr Asia Bank Mauritius Open”

English Premier League
Newcastle United Southampton at 18:00
Norwich City v Sheffield United at 18:00
Aston Villa v Leicester City at 18:00
Brighton H.A v Wolves at 20:30



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